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Three photos of me, which one do you like the most?

Read this!

Just wanted to tell you that I'm going to start over again, artbyfelicia is the new name but the design is not finished yet :)
EDIT: I fininshed the design today so now you can read, I'll delete this one very soon!

Baby pictures

Sony a230
ISO 400


My next drawing is inspired by this picture.
I'm back now, yesterday actually. Tonight I sat in the grass and painted and it was very nice. Just the smell of paint makes me so happy and calm. I didn't really paint, just some faces and landscapes but I threw them away. I Didn't want to feel any pressure that I have to perform well and that it has to look good. I just painted and it was awesome.

Little sister at Midsummer

This is the last timed post before I get back to Sweden!

Photoshoptip: Editing

You know the photo of me eating a strawberry? I thought I was going to show you how it is edited. I always use Photoshop cs5 and I started off in Camera Raw by changing the exposure, contrast and colors.
Then I moved on to Photoshop, where I used the Patch Tool to erase freckles and birthmarks that can make the photo a bit messy. But I don't delete too many, because then it doesn't look natural.
When taking photographs the focus point is very important, in my case the eyes. Therefore I want to increase the contrast in the eyes so they look sharp and to bring out the details. You mark the eye using Lasso Tool. To increase the contrast you can go to Image- Adjustments- Brightness/contrast. I changed the brightness to 18 and the contrast to 16. On the other eye (the one that it not marked) I changed the brightness to 5 and the contrast to 11.
I want the strawberry to look more red, to do thay you go to Image- Adjustments- Curves. Change the channel to red. There you can experiment a bit to get the red color you want.
The last thing I do is to do some small changes, like making the teeth more white by using the Dogde Tool. By using curves you can change the preset to change different things, for example contrast or cross process.
Final result:
Hope you like it!


I leave Sweden on Monday, but I've timed some posts so it won't be empty!

Sony a230
25-55 mm
ISO 400

Camera Raw

If you have an SLR (systemkamera in Swedish) you can change the "quality" to for example JPEG. I'm sure all of you have heard of JPEG. But you can also change to RAW, which is what it sounds like... the photo is almost grey. The colors are not so strong and the photo is just dead. Why is that good then? If you've got Photoshop it's very good to change to RAW. That's because when you upload a photo in Photoshop, Camera Raw automatically comes up.
This is how Camera Raw look, you can change the temperature and tint, which are the colors and they affect the white balance. Exposure is if the photo is going to be darker or lighter and recovery makes the highlights darker or lighter. Fill light makes the darkest points lighter and blacks make them darker. Guess you know what brightness is and contrast is how sharp it is. Clarity make the photo look clearer, not so blurry. Then the vibrance, which is if you want some blue, yellow or pink tones, for example. Last is saturation which is how strong the colors are. There are many more tabs, like Tone Curve and Detail but I'll go deeper into that another time. These are the basics for Camera Raw.

More flowers!

Sony a230
1/600 and 1/80
f/4.0 and f/4.5
ISO 100


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Work in progress.
My next project I started working on just a couple of days ago. I'm going to draw hands for the first time, very difficult! I'll try to show more later, if it doesn't end up going into the bin... which happens too often, haha.


Where do you get inspiration from? My mom has always inspired me, also my older sister. They've been inspiring me because they've done so much for me and for others. They've reached goals I thought they couldn't reach. My mom and my sister gave me enough confidence to choose the Art programme in High School. I also get inspiration from websites like weheartit and bloggers like Kan Dee, Le Love and Michaela D. Music is also a good way to get inspiration, like Lady Gaga- Born this way, Bruno Mars- Just the way you are, Chris Medina- What are words and Miley Cyrus- The climb. To get even more inspiration I try to do something, it doesn't have to be a big thing like leaving the country, it could be to just visit a friend. Or when I'm in school and half asleep because the lesson is boring, I suddenly wake up and I've got an idea of a drawing or a photo session. As easy as that. Inspiration shouldn't be something exclusive, it should be something fun! :)


Shorts, strawberries, graduation, reading...
This means that I'm busy during the holiday and I'm leaving Sweden in two weeks. I also said goodbye to my school as I'll be moving on to High School very soon. I hope you have a great summer, I'll update as much as I can!

Been busy lately!

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating so often. I've just got so much so do. Prom tomorrow! And graduation soon. After that I'll be updating a lot, until the end of June when I'm going to Denmark :)
Sony a230
ISO 400

See you later!

I'll be leaving Sweden soon. Or, pretty soon. Going to Barcelona. Have to wake up at 02.00 and the plane will leave Sweden at 05.50. I'll be there from Monday to Thursday, so I guess I'll update on Friday again. My camera is coming with me so you can look forward to some nice pictures of Barcelona!

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